set Options that Affect Output

A number of set options affect Transact-SQL output.

Turns character-set conversion off and on between the SAP ASE server and a client; also starts a conversion between the server character set and a different client character set. The default is off.
Warns when any Transact-SQL extensions to entry-level SQL92 are used.This option does not disable the SQL extensions. Processing completes when you issue the non-ANSI SQL command. The default is off.
Sends messages as they are generated. The default is off.
Sets the language for system messages. The default is us_english.
Turns off report of number of rows affected. The default is off.
Compiles each query but does not execute it; often used with showplan. The default is off.
Checks the syntax of queries and returns error messages without compiling or executing the queries. The default is off.
Generates a description of the processing plan for a query; does not print results when used inside a stored procedure or trigger. The default is off.
statistics io, statistics time
Displays performance statistics after each execution. The default is off.
statistics subquerycache
Displays the number of cache hits, misses, and rows in the subquery cache for each subquery. The default is off.
Controls the number of bytes of text or image data returned. The default is 32K.

For more information, see set in the Reference Manual