Troubleshooting dsedit

Identify and correct common dsedit problems.



The dsedit utility does not start

Check for the following:
  • The SYBASE environment variable is not set or points to the wrong directory.

  • (UNIX platforms) X-Windows is not configured correctly. If you are running dsedit on a remote host, make sure that X-Windows clients on the remote host can connect to the X-Windows server on your own machine. See your X-Windows documentation for more troubleshooting information. If X-Windows is not available, use dscp instead of dsedit.

Error message: “Unable to open X display”

(UNIX platforms) dsedit might not work if the display machine is set up to reject X-Windows connections from remote hosts. If this is the problem, you see a message similar to the following:
Unable to open X display. Check the value of your
$DISPLAY variable. If it is set correctly, use the
'xhost +' command on the display machine to authorize
use of the X display. If no X display is available, run
dscp instead of dsedit.
This error may be caused by either of the following situations:
  • The value for the DISPLAY environment variable is not entered correctly or is not set.

    Solution : Enter the DISPLAY environment variable correctly.

  • You are not authorized to open windows on the machine to which DISPLAY refers.

    Solution : Run the command ‘xhost +’ on the display machine.

Cannot add, modify, or delete server entries

Check for permissions problems with the interfaces file. To edit interfaces entries, you must have write permission on both the interfaces file and the Sybase installation directory.