SPX/IPX Addresses

SPX/IPX addresses allow Adaptive Server to listen for connections from client applications running on a Novell network.

To indicate an SPX/IPX address, choose tli spx or spx from the Transport Type menu.

Address InformationDescription
Host address
An eight digit hexadecimal value representing the IP address of the computer on which the server runs. Each component of the dot-separated decimal IP address format maps to one byte in the hex address format. For example, if your host’s IP address is, enter “800F0F0E” as the SPX/IPX host address value.
Port number
The port number, expressed as a four-digit hexadecimal number.
The path for the device file that points to the SPX device driver. Defaults to /dev/mspx on Solaris and /dev/nspx on any other platform. If necessary, adjust the path so that it is correct for the machine on which the server runs. The default path is based on the platform on which you are running dsedit.