Starting dsedit in Windows

Start dsedit from the command prompt, the Windows Explorer, or the Sybase for Windows program group.

Command prompt
Specify these command-line arguments:
  • -ddsname – specifies which directory service to connect to. dsname is the local name of the directory service, as listed in the libtcl.cfg file. If you do not specify -ddsname, dsedit presents a list of directory service options in the first dialog box.

  • -lpath – specifies the path to the libtcl.cfg file, if other than SYBASE_home\INI. Use this only if you want to use a libtcl.cfg file other than the one located in SYBASE_home\INI.

Windows Explorer
Double-click DSEDIT.exe in the %SYBASE%\bin\ directory.
Windows Start menu
Choose Start > Sybase for Windows > dsedit.
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