Modifying or Deleting a Server Entry

After you open a session, you can modify or delete server entries associated with that session.

You cannot use dscp to modify the Version, Service, and Status entries in the interfaces file.

  1. Enter:
    mod servername

    You are now in modify mode. You can continue to modify server entries, but you cannot execute any other dscp commands until you exit this mode. In modify mode, dscp prompts you for information about servername.

  2. Either:
    • Enter a value for each attribute, or

    • Press Return to accept the default value, which is shown in brackets [  ]

    For example, dscp prompts for the following information when you enter:
    mod myserver
    Version: [1]
    Service: [SQL Server] Open Server
    Status: [4]
    Transport Type: [tcp]
    Transport Address: [victory 1824] victory 1826
    Transport Type: [tcp]
    Transport Address: [victory 1828]
    Transport Type: []
    Security Mechanism []:
    1. To delete an address:
  3. When you are done modifying a server enter, exit modify mode:
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