How bcp Differs from Other Utilities

The bcp utility, which copies entire tables or portions of a single table, is distinct from the other utilities that move data from one place to another.

The following list names these other utilities and their commands, and describes how best to use them to move data.

dump database, load database, dump transaction, and load transaction

Use the SQL commands dump database, load database, dump transaction, and load transaction for backup purposes only. Unlike bcp, the dump commands create a physical image of the entire database.

Use load database or load transaction to read data backed up with dump database or dump transaction.

For information on using the SQL dump and load commands, see the System Administration Guide and the Reference Manual.

insert, update, and delete
Use the data modification commands insert, update, and delete, respectively, to add new rows to, change existing rows in, or remove rows from a table or view.
  • Use the insert command with a select statement to move data between tables.

  • Use the select statement with an into clause to create a new table, based on:

    • the columns named in the select statement,

    • the tables named in the from clause, and

    • data in the rows named in the where clause.

    For details on adding, changing, and deleting data, see insert, update, and delete in the Reference Manual.