Copying Data Randomly Into Partitions

You can copy data randomly into partitioned tables when using multiple bcp sessions.

  1. Configure the table with as many partitions and physical devices as you require for your system.

    For more information, see the Performance and Tuning Guide.

  2. Make sure that the SAP ASE server is configured with enough locks to support multiple bcp sessions. For information on configuring locks, see the System Administration Guide.
  3. Remove the indexes on the table and enable fast or fast-logged bcp.
    Note: If you use slow bcp, performance may improve significantly after you remove the indexes.
  4. Divide the bcp input file into as many files of equal size as the number of planned simultaneous bcp sessions.

    You also can use the -F first_row and -L last_row options to specify the start and end of each “input file.”

  5. Execute the bcp sessions with separate files in parallel on the local SAP ASE machine.

    For example, on UNIX platforms, execute different sessions in different shell windows or start individual bcp sessions in the background.

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