Summary of Steps for Fast and Fast-logged bcp

The various steps available for fast and fast-logged bcp can be performed by various users.

Steps for Copying in Data Using Fast and Fast-logged bcp


Who can do it

Use sp_dboption to set select into/bulkcopy/pllsort to true.

System administrator or database owner

Have enough space to re-create any indexes on the table.

Drop the indexes on the table.

Table owner

Have insert permission on the table.

Granted by the table owner

Perform the copy with bcp.

Any user with insert permission

Re-create the indexes.

Table owner

Reset sp_dboption, if required.

System administrator or database owner

Use dump database to back up the newly inserted data.

System administrator, operator, or database owner

Run stored procedures or queries to determine whether any of the newly loaded data violates rules.

Table owner or stored procedure owner