sybrestore allows you to restore an SAP ASE database to the time of failure from the most current full database backup dump files.


Parameters for interactive mode:
sybrestore [-v ] [-h ] 
	[-S server_name | host_name:port_number]
	[-t [point in time of restore]]
	[-d dump_directory]
	[-I interfaces_file ]
	[-J character_set ]
	[-P password ]
	[-U username]
	[-z language ]
    [-R  Restore from master database corruption ]
    [-s list system databases except master database ]
    [-o Log output]

Parameters for noninteractive mode:

sybrestore [-v ] [-h ]
	-S server_name | host_name:port_number
	-U username 
	[-P password]
	-D database_name
	[-d dump_directory]
	[-I interfaces_file]
    [-o Log output]




Verify settings before using sybrestore.
  • SAP ASE server and Backup Server are running for both the target and source.

  • The master database is available.

  • The log segment of the source database is available for dumping and then loading back the most recent transaction logs that have not been dumped.

  • Either history files or external dump files are available.


To use sybrestore, you must be logged in with the sa_role, or as the database owner.

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