Manages a Sybase shared-disk cluster. sybcluster lets you create, start, stop, and manage a cluster or any instance in a cluster.

sybcluster is available only in a shared-disk cluster environment. For information about how to use sybcluster, see the Clusters Users Guide.


	[ -C cluster_name ]
	[ -d discovery_list ]
	[ -F agent_connection  ]
	[ -h ]
	[ -I instance_name ]
	[ -i input_file_path  ]
	[ -L  ]
	[ -m message_level  ] 
	[  -P [ password  ]]
	[ -U user_name ] (the default value is “uafadmin”)
	[ -v ]




The recommended method for starting sybcluster and connecting to a cluster is:
sybcluster -U login_name -P password -C cluster_name 
   -F agent_spec 

The -C cluster_name, -P password, -I instance_name, -F agent_connection, and -d discovery_list parameters are default values that can be changed using subsequent sybcluster interactive commands. If you do not specify these values on the sybcluster command line, sybcluster prompts for them as they are required.

You can also start sybcluster and then use the interactive connect command to connect to the cluster. For example:
> connect to mycluster login uafadmin password " "
agent "blade1,blade2,blade3" 
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