Usage for startserver

Take usage information into consideration when running startserver.

  • startserver uses the information in the runserver file to start an SAP ASE server or Backup Server. The master device must be writable by the user who starts the SAP ASE server.

    The startserver command creates the SAP ASE error log file (named errorlog) in the directory where the server is started, and adds this information as part of the -e parameter in the SAP ASE executable line in the runserver file. If a second SAP ASE server is started on the same machine, a new error log named errorlog_servername is created; this information is added to that server’s runserver file. The user must have execute permission on the specified runserver file.

  • Start multiple servers by specifying more than one runserver file, as shown in example 2. Specify -m after each -f runserverfile.

  • The SAP ASE server derives its running environment from values in the config file. Run sp_configure or edit the config file to see or change configuration parameters.

  • To ensure the integrity of your SAP ASE server, it is important that you apply appropriate operating-system protections to the startserver executable and the runserver file.

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