qptune is an SAP ASE utility written in Java/XML. It enables users to fix missing statistics and identify the best query plan, optimization goals, or other configuration settings, and apply them at the query or server level. This results in optimal performance of subsequent query executions.


	[-U username] 
	[-P password] 
	[-S hostname:port/database]
	[-A action]
	[-M mode] 
	[-T appTime] 
	[-i inputFile]
	[-o outputFile]
	[-f fileList(,)] 
	[-c configFile]
	[-l limit] 
	[-e evalField]
	[-d difference] 
	[-m missingCount] 
	[-n login] 
	[-J charset>]
	[-N (noexec)] 
	[-g (applyOptgoal)]
	[-v (verbose)] 
	[-s (sort)] 
	[-h (help)]




When you use QPTune to collect a very large number of queries, you may see a message such as:
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError:
Java heap space

If this occurs, increase the value of the maximum heap size of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) by using sp_jreconfig to set the -Xmx arguments of the PCA_JVM_JAVA_OPTIONS directive to a size larger than the default of 1024MB. See Chapter 2, “Managing the Java Environment” in Java in Adaptive Server Enterprise for more information about -Xmx.

When you use QPTune to collect a large amount of queries, do not use the -v verbose option.

See also:
  • Java in Adaptive Server Enterprise
  • Migration Technology Guide
  • Reference Manual: Proceduressp_jreconfig


QPtune’s compare action may be run by any user. All other actions of QPTune may only be run by users with sa_role and sso_role.

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