(Cluster Edition only) qrmutil allows you to back up, restore, and reconfigure the quorum device.

The utility is located in $SYBASE/$SYBASE_ASE/bin.


--diag={all | boot | toc | nodes | locks | config | cms}
--display={boot | nodes | heartbeat | master | cluster |
		instance | config | state}
-h, --help
-F, --cluster-input=file_name
-s, --instance=instance_name
-Q, --quorum-dev=quorum_device
-v, --version]




  • qrmutil is primarily a diagnostic utility. We recommend that you use sybcluster to make configuration changes to the cluster.

  • You may pass as many as 20 commands to qrmutil. However, you can specify the --instance= parameter only once.

  • If you specify --buildquorum, the quorum is built and qrmutil exits without running any commands other than --cluster-input.

  • qrmutil exits after it executes the --drop-cluster parameter.

  • This is an example of using multiple commands:
    qrmutil --quorum-dev=/dev/raw/raw101 --display=cluster 
    --register-node=blade1 --unregister-node=blade2 --verify-node=blade3


To run qrmutil, you must be the same sybase user that started the instance, with execute priveledges on the qrmutil binary, have direct access to the quorum device, and at least read permissions on the quorum file.

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