Usage for dataserver

There are additional considerations when using dataserver.

  • dataserver allows you to create devices and databases that are up to 32GB in size, depending on the limitation of your operating system. For more information on size limits, see the installation guide for your platform.

  • Start the SAP ASE server with the startserver command rather than by directly executing the dataserver program. If you need to change any of the default values, edit the RUN_servername file in your Sybase installation directory.

  • Automatic login lockouts can cause a site to end up in a situation in which all accounts capable of unlocking logins (system administrators and system security officers) are locked. If this occurs, use the dataserver utility with the -u parameter to check the specified login for system administrator or system security officer authorization, unlock the account, and reset the value of the current failed logins counter to zero.

See also:
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