Prerequisites for Restoring a Master Database

To restore the server from master database corruption, resource file, configuration files, dump files, and devices must be available. 

Note: For recovery purpose, it is advised to not create user database on the master device.


When restoring the master database, the master database is loaded back from the dump files of the master database. All databases that use the master devices are listed after loading the master database from the dump. You have the option to restore any of these user databases and system databases that are listed.  

You must provide information in the sybrestore utility restoremaster.cfg configuration file. The configuration file contains information about the resource files for building the SAP ASE server and Backup Server. It also contains information about the saved SAP ASE configuration file and the dump history file. If the resource files are not available, you can create them by running Edit Resource Files from the sybrestore utility.

The resource files for building an SAP ASE server differ for UNIX/Linux platform and the Windows platform.  The utility provides options to construct the resource file and to edit the sybrestore configuration file.