Viewing sybdiag Output

The sybdiag output is in a compressed file in this format:

To generate individual output files, uncompress the zip file.The ZIP file contains these HTML, data, and log files:
  • sybdiag_start.html – an HTML file with links to diagnostic data files in the output directory. To view sybdiag output, open this file in any Web browser.

    sybdiag displays information in these categories:
    • Operating system information, including process status, physical and virtual memory, interprocess communication, disk usage, I/O, and network information.

    • SAP ASE configuration data, including server version, platform and license information, configuration values, remote server configuration data, and so on. For the Cluster Edition, this also includes the cluster overview, cluster instances, and logical cluster information.

    • SAP ASE monitoring data about processes, databases, devices, locks, and so on. For the Cluster Edition, this also includes cluster interprocess communication protocol information, cluster lock usage, and cluster quorum device dump information.

    • SAP ASE files such as errorlog, interfaces, configuration file, SySAM properties file, and environment configuration scripts. For the Cluster Edition, a single report may contain information from many external files for several cluster instances.

  • Diagnostic data files – collected SAP ASE and environment information organized under different directories. These are the files that sybdiag_start.html accesses.

  • Log file – by default, the ZIP file includes a log file called sybdiag.log that provides a log of the activities sybdiag performed.