The updatease utility reinstalls scripts and updates system stored procedures and messages after a minor upgrade.

The updatease executable file is located in:
  • (Windows) %SYBASE%\%SYBASE_ASE%\bin\


	[-D data_directory]

The syntax for SAP ASE Cluster Edition:

updatease -FSCC_connection 
	[-D data_directory] 



When you perform a minor upgrade/update from SAP ASE version 15.0 and higher, you need to update the system stored procedures and messages from the earlier version of SAP ASE, as well as reinstall the scripts in the following directory:

Note: In a nonclustered SAP ASE, when you perform the minor upgrade using the SAP ASE installer, the installer runs updatease in the background; you need not perform any additional steps.


You must be an SAP ASE system administrator, or log in with the sa_role to use updatease.

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