Retrieve or set the URL suffix for the server connection URL. This optional property is only used when connecting through a proxy server or Relay Server.

If the URL Suffix is left blank, then the client will attempt to discover the correct URL using default Relay Server URLs. If a valid UrlSuffix is discovered, the value will be saved and used exclusively.

Note: If an incorrect URL is configured, it must be cleared or corrected before the client is able to connect.


public string UrlSuffix




Returns the URL suffix.


The suffix "/%cid%/tm" is appended if the URL does not already end in "/tm". If the URL ends in "/", then only "%cid%/tm" is appended.

You can optionally code a Content-ID (CID) into the URL.

For example, if the CID is "XYZ" then any of these URL suffixes:

result in the following URL suffix: