Considerations for Using E-mail Addresses as User Names

At registration, application users can use an e-mail address as a user name in Unwired Platform. However, those users must ensure that e-mail addresses are processed correctly, especially when a security configuration is paired with the e-mail address.

A valid e-mail address:
Note: This syntax information is only for your reference; while Unwired Server validates strings to ensure there are no restricted characters, it does not validate addresses to ensure they are syntactically correct.
When you use an e-mail address as the user name, ensure that the e-mail address domain is followed with a "." to prevent the address from being misinterpreted as a security configuration name. For example,
E-mail Address Parsing Examples
User Name Entered Result
userID A user ID string. No risk of misinterpretation.
userID@textA The user is authenticated with the "textA" security configuration if it exists. An e-mail address as user name. No security configuration identified.