Encrypting Synchronization for Replication Payloads

(Not applicable to Online Data Proxy) By default, the Unwired Server replication listener is configured to use TLS for end-to-end encryption (E2EE) on HTTP and HTTPS ports, and SSL for encryption on HTTPS ports.

If you do not require both TLS and SSL, you can disable either of them by modifying the replication synchronization listener in Sybase Control Center.

Once the listener is configured, applications must then connect to the Relay Server port and use an appropriate protocol:
  • The administrator can define an application template in Sybase Control Center.
  • The developer can call the Object API to set the E2EE and HTTPS items in the synchronization profile.

When applications are activated, clients receive their initial configuration settings from the application template and public keys, and HTTPS public certificate files are provisioned as part of these configuration settings.

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