Installing the SAP Sybase Event Stream Processor Plugin to SAP HANA Studio

To use SAP Sybase Event Stream Processor features within SAP HANA Studio, install ESP onto the same machine as SAP HANA Studio. Then, install the ESP plugin into SAP HANA Studio. This allows you to open and run ESP projects from within SAP HANA Studio. If you intend to use ESP as a standalone product, this installation is unnecessary.

  1. Copy the following configuration settings from the ESP Studio configuration file $ESP_HOME/studio/esp_studio.ini to the SAP HANA Studio configuration file hdbstudio.ini (installed to the directory you chose when installing SAP HANA Studio):
    • -Desp.compilerPath=[ESP-5_1 Path ]/bin/esp_parse.exe
    • -Desp.adapterPath=[ESP-5_1 Path]/lib/adapters
    • -Desp.aml2cclPath=[ESP-5_1 Path]//bin/esp_aml2ccl
    • -Desp.home=[ESP-5_1 Path]
    • -Desp.examples=[ESP-5_1 Path]/studio/learning
    • -Desp.i18n=[ESP-5_1 Path]/studio/i18n
    • -Desp.localCluster=[ESP-5_1 Path]/studio/clustercfg
    • -Djava.library.path=[ESP-5_1 Path]/adapters/rfc/bin
    • -Dhelp.lucene.tokenizer=standard

  2. Ensure you have set the ESP_HOME environment variable for the environment or command shell used to launch SAP HANA Studio: %ESP_HOME% <ESP install dir>\ESP-5_1
  3. Launch the SAP HANA Studio, then select Help and then Install New Software to open the Install Dialog.
  4. From the Install Dialog:
    1. Click Add.
    2. From the Add Repository Dialog, click Archive.
    3. Navigate to the %ESP_HOME%\studio\esp_feature directory and select esp_feature.jar, then click Open.
    4. From the Add Repository Dialog, click OK.
    5. In the Install Dialog box, uncheck the checkbox Group Items by Category.
      The top list of the Install Dialog displays SAP Sybase Event Stream Processor.
    6. Select SAP Sybase Event Stream Processor and click Next for installation details.
    7. For Review Licenses, select I accept the terms of the license agreement and click Finish.
    8. If a Security Warning Dialog appears, click OK.
    9. When prompted, click Yes to restart the SAP HANA Studio.

    You now have access to ESP features in the SAP HANA Studio.

  5. Set up the SAP HANA Studio Welcome page to include ESP Studio content.
    1. Within the SAP HANA Studio, select Help > Welcome to display the Welcome page.
    2. Click Customize Page.
    3. In the Customize Dialog, click the Home tab.
    4. At the bottom of the dialog, the Root Pages list displays additional Welcome page items. Select the checkboxes for Tutorials, Samples, What's New, and Web Resources, as desired, to display related ESP content.
    5. Click OK to save.