Displaying Information About Precomputed Result Sets

Display information (such as column IDs, user names, partition names, and so on) associated with precomputed result sets.

  1. In the Administration Console view, select ASE Servers > Compiled Objects > Precomputed Result Sets.
  2. Click the Name field of the precomputed result set, then click the drop-down arrow and select Properties.
    From the View Properties dialog, you can display:
    • SQL – the SQL used to create the precomputed result set.
    • Columns – the column names and character sets
    • Data – the data the precomputed result set contains.
    • Permissions – permissions granted on the precomputed result sets.
    • References – the name, object type, and owner of all objects the precomputed result set references.
    • Partitions – the name of the partitions, the segment on which they reside, and the date they were created.
    • Indexes – select the Index page. SCC displays the:
      • Name of the index
      • Any constraints
      • Whether the index is clustered
      • Whether the index is unique
      • Which columns include indexes
      Click the index name to:
      • Generate DDL
      • Check consistency
      • Update statistics
      • View the index properties