Unmounting an SAP ASE Database

Unmount a database from a server.

When you unmount a database, you remove the database and its devices from an server. The unmount command shuts down the database. All tasks using the database are terminated. The database and its pages are not altered and remain on the operating system devices.

  1. In the left pane of the Administration Console, expand ASE Servers > Schema Objects > Databases.
  2. Click User Databases.
  3. Click the Name field of the database to unmount, and select Unmount.
    You see the Unmount Database Wizard.
  4. Specify a location for the manifest file.
  5. Select Yes on the Evaluate Dependencies screen to view any unselected databases that must be selected for the unmount command to succeed.
    Note: The unmount command fails unless you select all the databases on a device.
  6. Select the databases listed in the Dependency Matrix screen for unmount to succeed. If no databases are listed in the Unselected Databases column, there are no dependencies.
  7. Override referential integrity checks by selecting With override.
    Note: When the referencing database is dropped by the unmount command with an override, you cannot drop the referential constraints.
  8. Enter a delay for distributed or multidatabase transactions in prepared state to complete before the unmount command is activated. If the transactions do not complete during the specified time period, the unmount command is not executed.
  9. (Optional) Click Summary to view your selected options.
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