Creating a Key Copy

Create key copies specifying an encryption method.

  1. In the left pane of the Administration Console, expand ASE Servers > Security > Encryption Keys.
  2. Click Column Encryption Keys.
  3. Click the Name field of the column encryption key, then click the drop-down arrow and select Properties.
  4. Click Key Copies.
  5. Select New.
    You see the Add Key Copy wizard.
  6. Enter the password for the base key.
  7. Enter the assignee for the key copy. The assignee cannot be the key owner.
  8. (Optional) Designate this key copy as the recovery-key copy.
  9. Select one of these encryption methods for the key copy:
    • User-defined password – provide a password and confirm it.
    • Login password – enable encryption using the login password.
    • System encryption password – enable encryption using the system encryption password.
  10. (Optional) Click Summary to verify your selected options.