Authenticating the Unified Agent

(SAP ASE versions 15.7 and earlier) Authenticate the Unified Agent using the Authenticate Agent option in the Administration Console.

Note: While executing this command, you may experience performance degradation if there is a firewall between the SAP Control Center server and the monitored host machines. Communication with the agent uses the Java RMI network protocol, which requires a network connection between the SAP Control Center server and agent. If the firewall prevents these connections from being established, then performance may degrade.
  1. In the Perspective Resources view, select a resource, click the drop-down arrow that appears next to the name, and select Administration Console.
  2. Click ASE Servers.
    You see a list of monitored servers.
  3. Select the server you want to manage and click the drop-down arrow that appears next to the name.
  4. Click Authenticate Agent.
  5. On the server properties screen, enter the agent user name and password (optional) for the Unified Agent.

    You must have configured the Unified Agent to allow the SCC user to authenticate. The SCC user must also have the necessary permissions to manage the SAP ASE server using the Unified Agent.

    Note: The authentication credentials for the Unified Agent are different from those used to authenticate the SAP ASE resource.
  6. (Optional) Click Clear Authentication.
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