Modifying Server Configuration Parameters

Use SAP Control Center to configure server parameters.

  1. In the SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise monitor view, select Server Configuration. Alternately, in the Administration Console, select the server, click the drop-down arrow, and select Configure.
    Note: You must have sa_role to select Configure from the Administration Console.
    You see a table with parameter names, values, default values, maximum values, minimum values, and restart required. Editable columns are indicated by a pencil icon. To reset a value to the previously configured value, click the Reset icon that appears after you have edited a field.
  2. Select the server configuration parameter to configure. For example, increase or decrease the size of the procedure cache by selecting the procedure cache size parameter, or of the statement cache by selecting statement cache size parameter.
    1. Click Configure Value for the selected row.
    2. Enter the new value for the configuration parameter.
      If the value is invalid, you see an error message. Some parameters require a restart; the changed value is in the Pending Value column until you restart the server.
    3. Click Save All to update the server with the new values or Reset All to restore the original values for the resource.