Executing SQL Statements

Execute SQL statements on one or more servers.

You can use the Execute SQL view to run any valid SQL statement, including queries and stored procedures. Anyone can launch a query; no permissions are required. However, if you do not have authority to perform the actions in the query, SCC displays an error.

  1. In the Administration Console, select one or more servers, click the drop-down arrow, and select Execute SQL.
  2. Enter the SQL statements.
    SQL history is persistently saved on a login basis. You can select previous added SQL statements or sort through a list of saved SQL statements by using the Previous SQL, SQL History, and Next SQL buttons.

    SQL history is saved when the history has been changed from previously saved history. You can clear the history by clicking Clear SQL.

  3. Click Execute.
    The query runs on all the servers you selected, and results appear in the bottom portion of the view. The view includes a results tab for each server. On the tabs:
    • A green check indicates a successful query.
    • A red X indicates an error. A tab with a red X also displays an error message.
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