Applying Compression Settings

The compression advisor provides compression estimates and recommendations. Based on the results of these estimates, you can apply the attributes and compress the selected table.

If granular permissions is enabled, you must have reorg any table privilege or be the table owner. If granular permissions is not enabled, you must be the table owner or have sa_role.

Apply compression attributes to the selected tables and apply changes to its existing data.


Once the compression estimate is initiated, you see the Compression Advisor Results window. The Results tab shows the compression ratio for the sample table, compared to the selected table in an uncompressed state.

  1. (Optional) On the Result screen:
    1. Click Space usage of sampling table to view the sampling table's space usage.
    2. (Optional) Click Space usage of the real table to view the current table's space usage.
  2. (Optional) On the Compression Attributes screen:
    1. (Optional) Click on Current compression attributes to see a summary of the current table's compression attributes.
    2. (Optional) You can change attribute values and click Apply to apply the new values. Any value changes are applied to new data in the specified table.
    3. (Optional) To apply changes to existing data or on the entire table, click Reorganize.
  3. (Optional) In the left pane, click Messages to show any server messages related to the compression estimate.
  4. Click Compress to initiate compression of the selected table.
    You see the Compression Results window, including all messages regarding the execution of compression.