Users Properties

Use the Users Properties window to modify permissions to access database objects and commands and modify login aliases.

Click the Name field of the user, then click the drop-down arrow and select Properties.
Pages Properties
General Select from the list of groups to change the group for the user.
Objects Owned Select the database objects that your user owns in this database.
Command Permissions Permissions to create database objects.
Object Permissions Permissions to access database objects – use the Grant Permission and Revoke Permission wizards to grant or revoke permissions and predicated privileges for specific database operations such as insert, delete, update, reference, and decrypt for specific database objects such as tables, procedures, and so on.
Login Aliases Logins – to change login aliases:
  • Add – select a login and click Apply to add the login to your user alias.
  • Remove – select the login from the list, and click Remove, then Apply.