Searching for Objects in SAP ASE

Search for a list of objects based on the resource, resource type, object type, and name.

  1. In n the Perspective Resources view, select the resources and select Resource > Administration Console.
  2. (Optional) Click Resource Selection and select specific resources to include in your search.
  3. Click Navigation.
  4. (Optional) From the Browser tab, expand ASE Servers, click on the category for the object type for which you want to search, then select an object type.
  5. Click the Search tab.
    If you selected the resource and object type from the Browser tab, your selection in listed in the Object type pull-down menu. The resource type is ASE Servers.
  6. Enter the full or partial name of the object in the Search string text box.
    The text search is case insensitive.
  7. (Optional) Click Exact Match to display only objects with names matching the exact search string.
  8. Click Search.
  9. (Optional) If the request cannot be displayed within the given threshold limits, a message row is displayed; providing status of the retrieval request. Depending on the type of processing issue involved, you can choose to cancel, expand, or retry the retrieval request. Hovering you mouse over the message row provides information specific to the type of processing issue.