Preparing to Create a Cluster

Prerequisites for creating a cluster.

  1. Install Cluster Edition.
  2. Allocate enough storage space for the required database devices. Only raw partitions rather than file system-based devices are supported. Ensure that the raw partitions are accessible from each node using the same access path. These database devices are created if they do not exist:
    • master device
    • sybsystemprocs device
    • sybsystemdb device
    • quorum device (no actual database visible from within SAP ASE is created)
  3. Allocate one device for the local temporary database on each node. For example, if you are creating a three-node cluster, then you need three individual raw partitions for temporary databases—one for each node.
  4. Create the appropriate number of devices, such as data and log, for your user databases. Create the devices only once. For example, if you have a four-node cluster and you are connected to instance, when you run a disk init command for datadev1 on ASE1, the instances ASE2, ASE3, and ASE4 recognize, and can write to datadev1 once disk init completes.
  5. Start the agent from your installation directory.