Dropping a Cluster

Dropping a cluster removes the cluster and associated devices, logs, and files.

Shut down the cluster. The agent must be authenticated to drop the cluster.
  1. In the left pane of the Administration Console, select ASE Servers to populate the right pane with a list of servers.
  2. Select the cluster, click the drop-down arrow that appears next to the name, then select Drop.
    You see the Confirm Delete screen.
  3. Select the devices, logs, and files associated with the selected cluster that you want to remove and click OK.
    Note: Due to certain file-system locking, the UAF plug-in directory may not be deleted after you drop a cluster. Verify that the $SYBASE/UAF-2_5/nodes/*/plugins/<cluster_name> directory has been deleted. If the directory still exists, shut down the UAF agent, manually delete the directory, then restart the UAF agent.