Logical Cluster States

A logical cluster and each instance associated with the cluster can have different states.

A logical cluster has a global state that determines whether the cluster is offline, online, or inactive. Logical clusters also have an instance state that describes the state of a particular instance associated with the logical cluster. For example, an online logical cluster may be online on its base instances and offline on its failover instances. This state may be independent of the actual SAP ASE state, as a logical cluster may be offline on an instance that is actually up and running.

State Global State Instance State
online A logical cluster is online and running on one or more instances. The online logical cluster is accepting and managing connections on the current instance.
offline A logical cluster is not running on any instance. A logical cluster is not running on the current instance, which cannot accept connections or consume resources.
inactive Similarly to the offline state, a logical cluster is not running on any instance. Inactive logical clusters are not started automatically and do not participate in failover. The cluster achieves the inactive state only through the deactivate command. Once inactive, the cluster comes online only through the online command. Not applicable to instances.