Stopping a Cluster

Shut down a cluster immediately, or wait for transactions to complete.

  1. In the left pane of the Administration Console, select ASE Servers to populate the right pane with a list of servers.
    Alternatively, click the menu next to the server name, and select Agent > Stop Cluster. This option does not provide a log trace.
  2. Select a cluster or multiple clusters, click the drop-down arrow that appears next to the name, then select Stop Cluster. All servers you are stopping must be the same type. You can stop multiple symmetric multiprocessors (SMP) or shared disk cluster (SDC) servers.
  3. Choose:
    • Yes to wait for all statements and transactions to complete before shutting down each instance in the order specified in the cluster configuration file.
    • Shut down immediately to shut down the cluster immediately, without waiting for transactions to complete.
You seeDone in the Stop Cluster window when the shut down request has finished.