Manage Load Profiles

Load profiles let you define the operating criteria for a logical cluster.

Load profile criteria are typically called “load score metrics,” with the value associated for each criteria rolled into a “score” for each instance in the logical cluster that uses the load profile. You can periodically compare load scores for different instances within a logical cluster to detect when the workload is undesirably skewed to one or more instances, or to determine if an instance is underutilized.

Instances included in multiple logical clusters can be impacted by multiple load profiles, so take care when associating instances with multiple logical clusters and when defining and applying load profiles.

The Cluster Edition includes two system load profiles: sybase_profile_oltp for OLTP environments and sybase_profile_dss for DSS environments. You cannot modify or delete system load profiles. However, you can duplicate them and modify the duplicates to create your own load profiles.

The load profile status reports the: