Registering a Cluster

Registering a cluster allows you to manage the cluster in SAP Control Center as a resource.


The agent must be running on each node.

The cluster does not need to be running to be registered as a resource.


If your cluster is registered with SAP Control Center, it appears in the Resource Explorer and can be added to one or more perspectives. If your cluster does not appear in the Resource Explorer, you must register the cluster.

  1. From the SAP Control Center main window, select Resource > Register.
  2. On the Resource Type screen, enter the name of the cluster, then select the resource type.
  3. (Optional) Provide a description of the cluster.
  4. On the Connection Information screen, enter the name of a host that is running one of the instances of the cluster.
  5. On the ASE Port number field, enter the port number of the host from step 4.
  6. (Optional) Enter a default character set.
  7. (Optional) Enter a default language.
  8. (Optional) On the Authentication Information screen, enter the user name and password for the administrator.
  9. (Optional) On the Options screen, add the cluster to the list of current perspective resources.
  10. (Optional) Click to open the Resource Explorer screen. This option is available only if the window is not already open.
  11. On the Resource Explorer screen, highlight the cluster name, then select Resources > Add Resources to Perspective.
  12. From the application menu bar, select View > Open > Resource Explorer.
    From the Perspective Resource view, you can open the Administration Console to register and authenticate a running agent, then start your cluster.