Incrementally Transferring Data Out

Transfer table data that has changed since a prior transmission from tables that are marked for incremental transfer.

Enable incremental transfer in the properties window of the selected table.

  1. In the left pane of the Administration Console, expand ASE Servers > Schema Objects > Tables, then choose one of the following:
    • User Tables
    • Proxy Tables
  2. Click the Name field of the table, then click the drop-down arrow and select Incremental Transfer Out.
  3. On the Introduction window, specify a destination file name. Optionally include an absolute path.
  4. On the Data Formats screen, specify the data format for the destination file.
  5. On the Command Options screen, specify the order in which the column data is to written.
  6. On the Tracking and Sequence ID screen:
    1. (Optional) Specify the tracking ID.
    2. (Optional) Specify whether to resend previously transferred data, then choose either to resend data using a sequence ID to determine the starting time stamp or resend the entire table.
  7. (Optional) Click Summary to review your selected options.
  8. Click Finish.