Testing an Alert-Triggered Script

Execute a script to make sure it works properly.
Configure an alert with a script.
  1. In the Perspective Resources view, select a resource and select Resource > Properties.
  2. Select Alerts.
  3. Select the alert to test.
  4. On the Script tab, click Modify.
  5. If the script requires parameter values, click Select Parameters to enter them in the Execution Parameters box.
    You can include a number of predefined substitution parameters, which are replaced by values from the alert. The parameter values are passed on the command line to the script. For the test execution, use values that test all the parameters used by the script. See the substitution parameters topic (linked below) for more information.
    Note: When you test a script, SAP Control Center supplies test values for the %Severity% and %Source_Application% parameters (“Testing” and “TestScriptExecution,” respectively). Any test values you supply for these parameters are discarded. This prevents the test results from being confused with real script results after testing and in the SCC repository.
  6. Click Test to perform a test execution of your script.
    If your script takes parameters, the test may fail if parameter values are missing or incorrect.
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