Resetting the Online Help

Problem: SAP Control Center online help is corrupted or cannot be found (404 error).

Solution: Clear online help files to force SCC to build new ones.
  1. Shut down SAP Control Center.
  2. Remove this directory:


    Tip: In Windows, you might see a deletion error. Regardless of what the errors says, it might be caused by the length of the path. If deletion fails, rename the Jetty_0_0_0_0_8282_help.war__help__.smpe97 folder to something very short, such as J. Then delete the renamed folder.
  3. Remove these files:





  4. Start SCC. After the server comes up it rebuilds the help, which takes a few minutes.
  5. To display the help, go to https://<your-SCC-host>:8283/help/index.jsp.
    Note: If you try to display the help too soon after restarting, you get a file not found error. Wait a minute or two and try again.