Configuring Ports

(Optional) Use the scc --port command to assign SAP Control Center services to new ports.

Check for port conflicts between SAP Control Center and other software running on the same host.

SAP Control Center cannot function properly if other services use its ports. If you discover a conflict with any port listed in the right column below, you can either reconfigure the other service’s port or reconfigure SAP Control Center as described here.

Port Name Description Service Names Property Names Default Port

Database port

Present on SCC server










Web HTTP port

Present on SCC server

EmbeddedWebContainer http.port 8282

Web HTTPS (secure HTTP) port

Present on SCC server

EmbeddedWebContainer https.port 8283

JINI HTTP server

Present on SCC server and SCC agent

Jini httpPort 9092

JINI remote method invocation daemon

Present on SCC server and SCC agent

Jini rmidPort 9095

Messaging port

Present on SCC server

Messaging messaging.port 2000

RMI port

Present on SCC server and SCC agent

RMI port 9999

Tabular Data Stream™ port (used to communicate with other SAP database products)

Present on SCC server and SCC agent

Tds tdsPort 9998
  1. Shut down SAP Control Center.
  2. Execute scc --info ports to display a list of SAP Control Center services, their properties, and their assigned ports.
  3. To reassign a port, enter a command in one of these formats:
    scc --port port-name=port-number
    scc --port service-name:property-name=port-number

    Use the first, simpler format unless you want to configure the database services to use different ports. (By default, they all use the same port.)

  4. Start SAP Control Center.
  5. Execute scc --info ports again to confirm that the port has been reassigned.


Set all four database services (data server, messaging, database alert, and scheduler) to the same port, 3639. (The database is SAP® SQL Anywhere®, used by the SAP Control Center internal repository.)

scc --port db=3639

Set only the database messaging service to port 3639.

scc --port Messaging:messaging.db.port=3639

Set the HTTP port to 9292.

scc --port http=9292

Set the Jini RMI daemon to port 9696.

scc --port jiniRmid=9696

Set the main SAP Control Center messaging service to port 2001.

scc --port msg=2001

Set the RMI port to 9991.

scc --port rmi=9991

Set the Tabular Data Stream port to 9997.

scc --port tds=9997
Note: scc commands that include a port-setting option (-p or --port) do not start SAP Control Center. To start SCC, execute a separate scc command.
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