Logging in to SAP Control Center

Enter the SAP Control Center Web console.

Install Adobe Flash Player in the browser you will use for SCC. See the SCC-product-name Installation Guide.

SAP Control Center typically authenticates users through the operating system or an LDAP directory service. Consult your SCC administrator if you are not sure which login account to use for SCC.

Only one login session per account is permitted at a time; multiple users cannot be logged in to the same account simultaneously.

Note: When logging in to a newly installed SAP Control Center for which secure authentication has not been configured, use the sccadmin account—the password is set during installation. For more information, see the SCC-product-name Installation Guide.
  1. Connect to the SAP Control Center server. In your Web browser, enter: https://scc-hostname:8283/scc.
  2. Enter your user name and password, and click Login.
    Tip: If you use a Windows account to log in to SCC, enter your user name in the format username@domain. Omit top-level domain extensions such as .com or .net—for example, enter fred@sap, not fred@sap.com.