Toolbar Icons

Describes the icons in the SAP Control Center toolbar for launching and managing views.

Toolbar Icons
Icon Name Description

Show/Hide Perspective Resources View Displays or minimizes the Perspective Resources view, which lists registered resources in this perspective.

Launch Resource Explorer Opens the resource explorer, which lists reachable resources (both registered and unregistered).
Launch a heat chart Launch Heat Chart Opens the perspective heat chart, which gives a status overview of the registered resources in this perspective.
Close all open views Close All Open Views Closes all open and minimized views.

Minimize All Open Views Minimizes all open views.

Restore All Minimized Views Returns all minimized views to their original size.
Cascade all open views Cascade All Open Views Arranges open views to overlap each other.
Tile all open views vertically Tile All Open Views Vertically Arranges open views in a vertical manner.
Tile all open views horizontally Tile All Open Views Horizontally Arranges open views in a horizontal manner.