Adding or Modifying an Alert Subscription

Use the Properties view to subscribe to an alert or edit an alert subscription.

Specify the e-mail server to which SAP Control Center will send e-mail alert notifications.

Each alert can support one subscription. To change addresses, modify the alert’s existing subscription.

Note: E-mail notifications are sent from an address of the form SybaseControlCenter@yourdomain—for example, Make sure your mail system does not block or filter that address.
  1. In the Perspective Resources view, select a resource and select Resource > Properties.
  2. Select Alerts.
  3. Select an alert instance.
  4. On the Subscriptions tab:
    • Click Add to create a subscription, or
    • Select a subscription and click Modify to edit an existing subscription
  5. Follow the instructions in the Add Alert Subscription wizard.
    For both critical and warning alerts:
    Alert subscription details
    Option Description
    E-mail message To send an e-mail notification when this alert fires, click the E-mail message box and enter the e-mail address of one user or list.
    Escalation e-mail To escalate this alert (by sending an e-mail notification to another address when this alert has not been responded to after a specified period of time), click the Escalation e-mail box and enter the e-mail address of one user or list.
    Time period Enter the amount of time to wait, following the initial alert notification, before SAP Control Center sends an e-mail notification to the escalation address.
  6. Click Finish.
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