New Features in SAP Control Center for SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise

Brief descriptions of new and enhanced features with links to complete information.

This guide assumes you are connected to the most recent SAP ASE version. The SAP Control Center features that are available depend on the version to which you are connected: Later versions of SAP Control Center may include features that are not available in earlier versions of SAP ASE.

The table below list new and enhanced features for the latest SAP Control Center for SAP ASE version. For features introduced in earlier versions, see the New Features section in the earlier versions of SAP Control Center documentation.

New and Enhanced Features

The following new and enhanced SAP Control Center 3.3 features are available with SAP ASE version 16.0.

Feature Topics
Backup scheduling – create new or manage existing backup job schedules. Scheduling a Database Backup
Transparent database encryption – encrypt an entire databases, providing protection for an entire database without affecting existing applications. Creating an Encrypted Database
Compression advisor – identify tables that can be benefited from compression, obtain compression estimates and recommendations. Manage Table Compression
Create or replace support – replace existing compiled objects with a new definition while preserving the original name, object ID, auditing options, and permissions. Replacing Compiled Object Definitions
Partition locking support – provides improvement in concurrency by employing partition level locking. By enabling partition locking, you are allowing access to other partitions for concurrent DDL and DML access. Partition Locking
Index compression – designate tables, indexes, or local index partitions to be compressed. Manage Index Compression
Error log enhancements – improved error log scanning usability and performance. SAP ASE Error Log
Server configuration alert – the ASE Configured Resource Utilization alert displays percentage utilization of an ASE Configured Resource item. SAP ASE Alerts