Job Scheduler Administration

Perform various backup schedule activities with the Job Scheduler Administration dialog.

Start the Job Scheduler Administration dialog from the Administration Console:
  1. Expand ASE Servers > Task Management.
  2. Click ASE Server to view the list of servers.
  3. Select the server you want to administer, and choose Job Scheduler Administration.

    The Job Scheduler Administration dialog appears.

Note: The Job Scheduler Administration dialog is available only if Job Scheduler is installed on the server you select, and the user has js_admin_role permission.
Manage these task in the Job Scheduler Administration dialog:
Start or stop the Job Scheduler agent. The Stop button is unavailable if Job Scheduler is not performing a task (and the Start button is unavailable if the Job Scheduler is performing a task).
Terminate jobs
Terminates all running Job Scheduler jobs. Enter a numeric value to specify a number of seconds after which to perform the termination.
Enable Job Scheduler at boot
Specify whether to enable Job Scheduler when the server restarts.
Job Scheduler Interval
Enter a numeric value, in minutes, of how much time should elapse before the next Job Scheduler task begins.
Maximum number of concurrent jobs
Enter the maximum number of concurrent jobs.
Maximum size of job output
Enter a numeric value, in bytes, to set the maximum size of the job output.