Schedule Properties

To modify default schedule settings, use the Schedule Properties window.

Click the Name field of the scheduled job, then click the drop-down arrow and select Properties.

Pages Properties
  • Name – change the name of the schedule.
  • ID – displays the ID of the schedule.
  • Owner – change the owner of the schedule.
  • Creation date – displays the date and time the schedule was created.
  • Allow others to use this schedule – to give permission to others to use the schedule.
  • Description – add a description about the schedule.
  • Current time on server
  • Current local time
  • Start time – choose either:
    • At – enter a time to start the schedule at a specific time.
    • Between – enter a range within which the schedule can start.
  • Start date
  • End date
  • Repeat every – enter a numeric value, then select the increment, such as days or months.
  • Trigger on the following days – choose either:
    • Days of the week – select the days of the week.
    • Days of the month – select the days of the month. You can also click The last day of the month.