Properties of a Scheduled Backup Job

View and modify the properties of scheduled backup jobs.

  1. In the Administration Console view, expand ASE Servers > Task Management.
  2. Click Scheduled Jobs. The Scheduled Jobs pane appears, and you see the following for each scheduled backup job:
    • Job Name
    • Server
    • ID
    • Schedule Name
    • Target Server
    • Owner
    • Creation Date
    • Enable Status
    • Running State
    • Last Execution Result
    • Next Execution Date
  3. Find the row containing your schedule, click the Name field of the schedule, then click the drop-down arrow and select Properties.
Pages Properties
  • Scheduled job ID – the ID number of the scheduled job.
  • Job ID – the ID number of the job.
  • Job name.
  • Schedule ID.
  • Schedule name.
  • Owner – the owner of the schedule.
  • Creation date – displays the date and time the schedule was created.
  • Status – indicates whether the scheduled job is enabled or disabled.
Job Command Display the SQL command of this scheduled backup job. You can use the SQL syntax to modify the backup operation.
  • Target Server – display the target server.
  • Timeout
  • Do not log output from job – by default, any output generated by a job is saved and can be viewed in the Job Histories folder. When selected, suppresses output from the job you are scheduling. By default, this is unselected.
  • Allow others to execute this scheduled job – when selected, allows others to be able to execute this job. By default, this is unselected.
  • Disable on failure – when selected, disables the job if its previous execution failed, and suspends all scheduled executions of the job until you manually re-enable it.
  • Delete on completion – when select, deletes the scheduled job when it finishes executing. This is useful for jobs that do not recur.
    Note: This option does not affect the underlying job or schedule.