Creating a Schedule for Backups

Use the Add Schedule wizard to create a new schedule into which you can add a backup job.

  1. In the Administration Console view, expand ASE Servers > Task Management.
  2. Click Schedules.
  3. Select New.
    You see the Add Schedule wizard.
  4. In the Introduction screen, select the server for which to create the schedule.
  5. In the Schedule Name screen, enter:
    • A name for the schedule
    • (Optional) A description of the schedule
  6. (Optional) Select Allow others to use this schedule.
  7. In the Time Range screen, select the start time for the schedule you are creating:
    • At – to schedule a specific time.
    • Between – to schedule a time range.

      When you click Between, the Recurrence page appears, where you can specify the repeat interval for the new schedule.

      Optionally, if you select Restrict the schedule to certain in the Recurrence page, the Recurrence Days page appears. Specify the days on which to activate the the new schedule.

  8. In the Date Range screen, specify the start and end date for the schedule.
    For time-ranged schedules, you can specify a start and end date. For point-in-time schedules, an end date is not applicable.
  9. (Optional) Click Summary to verify your settings:
    • Name
    • Description
    • Timeout
    • Allow multiple concurrent executions
    • Allow others to use this job
    • Always execute as the job owner

    Click Preview to view the SQL syntax for the options you selected for the schedule.