Restoring a Database from a SQL Script

Restore a database backup from an existing SQL script.

You cannot load a database backup that was created on a different operating system, or with an earlier version of SAP ASE.

  1. In the left pane of the Administration Console, expand ASE Servers > Schema Objects > Databases.
  2. Select one of:
    • User Databases
    • System Databases
    • Archive Databases
    • In-Memory Databases
    The Restore wizard is unavailable if you choose:
    • Temporary Databases
    • Proxy Databases
    • In-Memory Temporary Databases
  3. Click the Name field of the database, then click the drop-down arrow and select Restore.
  4. In the wizard's Introduction screen, choose Restore using script.
  5. On the Script page, you can:
    • Enter the syntax for your restore command in the text field.
    • Click Select script file to import an existing SQL file from a local machine that includes the restore command. The command from your SQL file then populates the text field.
  6. (Optional) Choose Summary from the left pane to see the summary of your restore command, including:
    • Database name
    • Type of restoration
    • Script name
  7. Click Finish to begin restoring the database.