Segment Properties

Use the Segment Properties window to modify database devices, tables, and thresholds.

Click the Name field of the segment, then click the drop-down arrow and select Properties.

Pages Properties
General Displays the segment's summary information that appears in the segments list view, as well as the segment's hysteresis value. See Managing Free Space with Thresholds in the System Administration Guide for information about the hysteresis value.
Specify how to show the current size:
  • Pages
  • Kilobytes
  • (Default) Megabytes
  • Gigabytes
Devices Displays the database devices used by the segment, and their sizes, in megabytes. You can also:
  • Add a new database device to the segment.
  • Remove an existing database device that the segment uses.
  • View the properties of the database device – when you click Properties, you see the Database Device Properties wizard.
Contains Displays:
  • Tables that use the segment – the list includes both the table name and its owner.
  • Indexes that use the segment – the list includes both the index name and the table the index uses.
Thresholds Displays thresholds that are added to the segment in the form of system procedures and their owners. You can also add and remove thresholds.
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